With a production capacity of over 100 million meters per year Filmar is among the leading manufacturers of woven ribbons in Italy.
Filmar was established in 1961 and it is one of the companies of the group that are under responsibility al Commendatore Filiberto Martinetto.

It has specialized in the production of articles for the sectors: special tapes in polyester, in glass, in aramidic fiber, in carbon fiber, in Teflon, in Nome, bandages and products for orthopaedic items, pleating curtain tapes and trimmings and accessories.

Today adds to its product offering technical tapes for clothing, for automotive and a series of products "on demand" modifiable according to customer requirements. We invite to visualize the entire range of offer in the e-commerce section.


Martinetto Group

  • FILMAR S.r.l.
  • REMMERT S.p.a.
  • Mabiel S.r.l.
  • PMA S.r.l.
  • Nastrificio Veneto S.r.l.
Filmar is among the main manufacturers of woven tapes in Italy...
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... with a production capacity of over 100 million meters per year.
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Filmar was established in 1961.
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Remmert has continuously invested in the most sophisticated production systems...
... increasing production capacity and the product range.
Each product receives a touch of workmanship that is unique.
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Mabiel s.r.l. is a subsidiary of "Martinetto Group".
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It is characterized like only Italiano producer of the Filflex.
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The technology is developed by a team of beyond 200 technicians.
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PMA s.r.l is leader in the production and commercialization of bandages…
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... collars, orthopaedic items and a lot other anchor…
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... for the hospital sector.
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Il Nastrificio Veneto s.r.l. established in the 2000…
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... finds its field of application in the pre-made waistband for trousers.
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Since the 2008 is also involved in the production of the COMFORT tape.
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